Blockchain & crypto-based payment way

It's not just a new coin, it's a new economy for everyone.

New Payment


A payment wallet for everyone and every family around the globe.

We encourage people to join in a new payment economy whereas people can earn NEPA coins in many various ways from referals, mining, staking, yield farming, or pay to earn in forms of P2P, B2B, B2C, or B2C2B.


Payments are made on a trustless P2P basis instantly and securely.

NEPA is born to redefine the payment sector around the globe by giving everyone a chance to be a part (aka a NEPA node) in the NEPA ecosystem and enjoy fast payments at any where you go around the globe.


Payments are made borderlessly and instantly at almost zero cost.

NEPA also has a big mission to redefine the traditional remittances with a lot of disadvantages like high transaction cost, and high latency. NEPA is created to change the way remittances or wire transfers are doing now.



Innovative Technology

Multichain technologies

NEPA is built on Ethereum Network as an ERC20 standard token but absolutely compatible with Binance Smart Chain as BEP20 tokens too. NEPA also can be stored on Polygon Network, a layer-2 network. NEPA can also be bridged to some other blockchain networks like Tron, Harmony, Zilliqa, Solana, Telos, ABBC, and OneLedger. NEPA Coin can be stored in many non-custodial wallets like MetaMask, Trust, SafePal, Coinomi, Zelcore, etc.

Redefining payment sector

A Game Changer

Using NEPA and its ecosystem, everyone around the world can live a better life with specific targets of earnings either active earning or passive earning via various innovative ways from referals, mining, staking, yield farming, or join a new economy where you pay to earn. NEPA has a mission to change your life better and better. NEPA Coin payments are trustless with no middle man cost, high secure, and fully decentralized. NEPA founders commit to create a fully decentralized ecosystem whereas NEPA price is not easily manipulated by big sharks and whales in the market.

NEPA Tokenomics

Anti-inflation Economy Model

NEPA founders commit to build up a fair tokenomics to make NEPA fully decentralized. There is a maximum total supply of 2.1 billion tokens will be ever minted from the genesis time up to 15 years for the whole life cycle. The initial supply of NEPA coins will be 210 million tokens for first year and it keeps increasing at a certain rate of 10% annually for next 4 years. It means, for the first 5 years, there will be 50% of maximum supply will be minted. The rate will be kept at 5% from sixth year onwards up to fifteenth year. NEPA founders can only hold at maximum of 5% at ICO and those tokens will be locked over a period of 2 years and it will be unlocked on a partial basis of 25% at every 6 months after the lockup period is unleased. In the meantime, NEPA Foundation will hold maximum only 20% of total supply to serve its operations and development and the rest will be used for private sale, public sale, marketing activities, community rewards, bug bounties, and airdrop programs. You can read more about NEPA tokenomics in the Litepaper or Whitepaper.



NEPA Foundation


NEPA Foundation is governed and managed as a decentralized anonymous organization (DAO) whereas all key development proposals will be driven by its community.

We are built up by the community and hence decided by the community.

NEPA Founders decided to organize its foundation based on a DAO model rather than a traditional governance model. This comes from the respect of NEPA Foundation to its community and also to help NEPA Foundation can reach out to new initiatives across its community to move NEPA to next levels in the future.

NEPA DAO helps to create a fair and modern governance model whereas all participants in the NEPA ecosystem would have a voice to contribute to NEPA development. NEPA always respects it community voice since its mission is to relentlessly innovate its payment way for everyone around the world.